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Tree Pruning, Removal, & Planting from Northampton, Massachusetts

Discover the level of professionalism exhibited by Cotton Tree Service Inc, providing tree pruning, removal, and planting services throughout the Northampton, Massachusetts, area.

Tree Pruning & Removal

Cut back or remove trees on your property with help from our tree service. Utilizing both tree climbers and mechanical equipment, we safely prune and cut down trees that are sick, storm-damaged, overgrown, or in the way.

Tree & Shrub Planting

Trust the tree specialists at our company to properly plant new trees and shrubs on your property. Choose your own greenery or allow our experts to choose the varieties that will work best for you.

Tree Limb Cabling

Invest in your safety while also preserve the beauty of your beloved tree. By cabling weak and damaged limbs, we build a support system that will strengthen your tree and ease your worries.

Deep Root Fertilizing

Help your trees thrive with fertilizing services provided by our tree specialists. With this treatment, fertilizer is applied directly to the roots after drilling holes into the ground surrounding your trees.

Tree Stump Grinding

Get rid of that unsightly tree stump with our stump grinding services. Take advantage of our specialized grinding equipment, which is less evasive and disruptive, leaving your property clean, neat, and undamaged.

Land Clearing & Grading

Make way for your construction project with land clearing services provided by our company. Lay a solid foundation for new homes, buildings, or parking lots on land that is free of trees, stumps, and other obstructions. Once your lot is cleared, we provide leveling to further prepare for construction.